Our curriculum is set in either 8 or 16 week layouts. Each workshop has a minimum of two facilitators and will include open discussions, poetry reciting, introspective writing, mindful minutes and emotional connections. 

Each session is designed with a specific topic to produce a specific outcome. Below is an example of our 8 week curriculum. 

  1. The Breakthrough includes deep introspection, humanizes our experiences good or bad and unpacks trauma through a writing exercise.

  2. Forgiveness continues the emotional journey of self-exploration and introduces the importance of forgiveness.

  3. Self Esteem defines self-esteem and identifies actions, beliefs, relationships, etc. that influence self esteem. The writing exercise allows a new perspective on past and future.

  4. Sistahood defines and creates a need for sistahood and it’s power. We discuss what sistahood is, Love and respect for ALL women. This includes a creative writing group project that often reappears in our newsletter.

  5. Healthy Relationships provides a realistic vision of interpersonal relationships with an opportunity to engage in discussions that offer varied perspectives from our panel.

  6. Social Media students identify pros and harmful cons of social media content, discuss posts, procedures and the likely obsession of social media. Writing exercise is a group project.

  7. Community Involvement explores the often systemic issues found in their communities and who, how and why they can have a positive impact. The writing exercise allows them to take ownership of the issues they value most.

  8. Poetry Slam allows students to apply the power of positive self-expression through self written poems and to have a positive competition amongst their peers.

We target middle and high school girls to help develop a positive self-image, strong sense of identity, love for sisterhood, and a sense of responsibility to themselves and other girls in the community.

We are able to customize workshops including one day assemblies, staff development, summits, keynote speaking, etc.

A standard eight week workshop facilitated by Tina Nixon and Shelly Conley includes everything listed above as well as guest speakers, guest poets, cash prizes for the Poetry Slam and one parent-only workshop. Students who complete this have an opportunity to participate in our incentives which are outlined below, at no cost to them.



Dream Big Spa Day

A one day event focused on building self-awareness and self-esteem. We encourage self-worth through a variety of spa services for the purpose of improving health, well-being, relaxation, and feelings of beauty and self-admiration. There is always a special guest speaker who works in the health or self care field. Each school we are in will select a student(s) to participate based on their behavior as it relates to our curriculum.


Mother & Daughter Pajama Party

This 2 day, overnight, event was created to nurture and promote the first and most important relationship between mother and daughter. It will include both healthy and broken mother and daughter relationships. There are games, workshops, food and fun. The outcome is  strengthening and restoring the bond.  MSK students simply write a poem, essay or letter stating why they want to participate. We select participants based off that entry. THIS EVENT IS FREE TO PARTICIPANTS.


Winners of our Mother Daughter duo contest


The F.I.R.E. Awards

This end of year celebration bridges the generational gap between the youth we work with and community elders by promoting unity, self-expression and the restoration of power to youth. The F.I.R.E. Awards, which stand for “Females in Recognition of Excellence,” honor trailblazing women of the community who inspire future trailblazers, and trailblazing youth who are impacting Milwaukee in phenomenal ways. This is a red carpet event with several live artists and entertainers. THIS EVENT IS FREE TO STUDENTS THANKS TO COMMUNITY DONORS. To become a sponsor for our 2019 F.I.R.E. Awards being held Sunday June 23rd CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION 


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