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    What is My Sista’s KeepHer?

    An organization created to help students develop a positive self-image, strong sense of identity, a love for sisterhood, and a sense of responsibility to themselves & other girls in the community. Led by National Poets Tina ‘Ms. Jazzi’ Nixon and Shelly Davis, writing, with poetry as the foundation, will be the common tool in every workshop.

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    Who facilitates My Sista’s KeepHer?

    Tina ‘Ms. Jazzi’ Nixon and Shelly Davis

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    What is the age range for participants?

    We target 5th through 12th grade students

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    How many students are in each workshop?

    Typically up to 20 students

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    How long is each workshop?

    Generally 75-90 minutes

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    Is this organization gender specific?

    Our focus is on young ladies

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    Is it non-profit?

    Yes,  we are not non-profit under Center for Young Engagement

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    How can I support?

    Financial donations, volunteering services and volunteering time

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    How can I volunteer?

    We will provide incentives awarded to selected girls from each class, each year. This will connect them with students from other classes as well as with revered, successful woman in the communities they come from. We will need volunteers throughout the year for incentives such as Mother/Daughter Pajama Party, Dream Big Spa Day and the annual F.I.R.E. Awards. We will also need volunteers for fundraisers.

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    What is the cost for workshops?

    Workshops and pricing are customized based upon the need of the group. Pricing will include: 2 facilitators, performances, workshop & 1-2 additional performers