March 2017 Vincent HS workshops

March 2017 Transition HS workshops

April 2017 Samuel Morse Middle School workshops

April 2017 CFSS at WI Dells workshops

April 2017 Mil-Tex in Dallas workshops

May 2017 North Division HS workshops

September 2017 Transition HS

September 2017 North Division HS

October 2017 Twilight Milwaukee Public Schools Recreation Division




THIS COMMUNITY WORKSHOP WILL BE HELD AGAIN IN 2018. Please check back for the 2018 registration form to join us for our Purpose Driven Work-shop.

This workshop is intended to inspire and encourage young girls to live on purpose. They will learn what purpose is. Participants will discuss similarities and struggles in finding themselves, finding work that is meaningful and how to live in the mean time. They will bring home vision boards to remind them each day of what they learned and to remind them that they can!



Mother-Daughter Pajama Party

The Mother-Daughter Pajama Party is intended to nurture the first relationship known to us — that between mother and child. The purpose of this workshop is to restore, strengthen, and promote healthy mother-daughter relationships.

The 2nd annual overnight event was hosted May 20th, 2017. Please check back for future information for 2018.


Our 3rd annual Dream Big Spa Day was held Summer 2017.

This event provides a variety of spa services for students who are hand selected by their administrator or teacher. Students must have been through a MY Sista’s KeepHer workshop. We bring in a guest speaker each year to focus on self care and self esteem. The purpose of this event is to improve health, well being, beauty and relaxation.

2014 we had National Comedian MsCutUp as our special guest speaker. She is also owns her own salon, Phat Cuts, and spoke on self care and overcoming obstacles with laughter. 2015 we had Dr. Joanne Brooks as our guest speaker. She is with ProHealth Care in Brookfield, WI.


My Sista’s KeepHer is an annual presenter at Milwaukee’s City Hall Girls Day
Here we hold 2 workshops with 50-75 students in each class from throughout Milwaukee. This event is to expose girls to politicians, politics & resources in their community.

My Sista’s KeepHer partners with the Milwaukee Film Festival (MFF) 2016, 2017 and 2018 
How does the Community Partner program work?
Each year the MFF uses their film expertise to pair local businesses, nonprofit organizations, community groups, or student groups with a film whose subject matter or story fits with their focus. Once paired, the organization helps promote the film to all the people they know and love. Our film screenings are held October 7th, 10th & 12th in Milwaukee, WI

My Sista’s KeepHer was a presenter at the Teen Summit 2016, held at Wisconsin Dells.

This event was focused on healthy relationships for youth from throughout Wisconsin.

My Sista’s KeepHer at Western Illinois University 2017


My Sista’s KeepHer presented ‘The Breakthrough’ at Mil-Tex Event in Dallas, TX May 2017

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