This morning, as I prepared for work, I saw these 2 articles. They introduce you to two young entrepreneurs who had the vision & dedication to reach beyond the norm. I challenge us all to look in the mirror today and ask ourselves “What’s standing in between me and my greatness”. All too often we would answer this question with our circumstances. The laundry list of what we don’t have and what we’ve been through would run on and on until we convince ourselves that we CAN’T! The following articles are reminders that WE CAN! As we head off to work or school today, let’s remember to spend some time investing in US, our future & our divine purpose. What is your mission statement? What are your goals? What are you doing to develop those things into fruition? Be prepared & be inspired/inspiring.

Click on the links below to meet these amazing young entrepreneurs. *MSK has no legal rights to these videos*