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My Sista's KeepHer

5 Ways You Can Help Empower Your Sistas

We all have the power to support our sistas, but often we do not. Instead, we put her down, shame her, stand by and watch as she is abused, by herself and by others.

What we can do, no, what we must do is help her. “What can I do?”, you ask. You can do more than you can imagine.

Here are five ways you can help empower your sistas.

1) When I heal myself, I heal her. We must make sure we take care of ourselves. To do so, is to take care of our sistas. This is not selfish, in fact, this is selfless. In order to be strong for our sistas, we must first be strong for ourselves. Your strength, is her strength.

2) I will celebrate her for who she is. Her beauty, both inside and out, is a radiance not even the sun can surpass. Her voice is the sound of strength and virtue. Her soul is unique and yet, tied to mine. It is an honor to call her my sista.

3) I will respect her as she is – without judgment. Her experience is different from mine, but equally valid. Even though she may have made mistakes in the past, she is courageous for the young woman she is, and who she is becoming.

4) I will not tear her down, but help build her up. If she stands before me open and honest, I will do everything in my power to add my strength to hers. She can be proud and confident around me, that I am there for her.

5) Remember, God is in control. Life may get turbulent, but He always provides for a smooth landing. If we surrender to Him, He will guide us to safety. Let your sista know, she is never alone in her struggles.

Once you realize that she is me and I am her, we start the journey to lifting each other up. We all share the same pain, the same struggles. We can all share the same redemption, the same triumph. What a feeling that will be.

How have you been able to be your Sista’s KeepHer? Share your story with your sistas below.